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As a writer, it’s Bev’s passion to make sure her books not only scratch where it itches, but that they are fresh revelation, rather than regurgitated information. Revelation is a powerful force for change and God has an unending supply so it’s important to keep tuning into what He’s saying rather than what everyone else is saying.

Speak Life

Speak Life and Shut the Hell Up is Bev’s take on the vital importance of learning to speak God’s language of Life. Negativity is habitual and it’s also highly demoralising and sometimes downright dangerous. Learning to speak life isn’t just positive speaking in religious clothes; it’s reframing our language to speak from God’s vantage point rather than our own narrow perspective. Visit Amazon to purchase your copy.


Catalysts: You Can Be God’s Agent For Change is about God’s vision for His people to become world changers. Christianity has settled for less in so many ways. Lots of Christians would rather do anything than rock their safe little boat, no matter how unsatisfying their faith may feel to them. Making a decision to be God’s agent for change is a dangerous but highly satisfying thing to do. Visit Amazon to purchase your copy.

Bev is currently working on two other books:

The F Word is about the sometimes shocking but deeply satisfying consequences of walking in faith.

Transitions relates to the deep changes the world and the Church are currently trying to negotiate.

There are a few other books in the pipeline, including a book for her grandchildren who are a delight to her heart.

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