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Throughout my own leadership journey, I have been fascinated with the study of good leadership. I received my Masters’ degree in Global Leadership from Fuller Theological College, USA. I’ve had almost 40 years experience of leading in churches, during which I have raised up and released multiple leaders in the church and charity sector. Over the years I have seen first-hand that if a leader is spiritually and emotionally healthy, the areas and organisations they lead have a far better chance of thriving. I am committed to doing whatever I can to help leaders develop wellbeing across every area of their lives.


As a young pastor, I experienced the huge sense of isolation that often accompanies ministry. It’s even more intense for women, who often work in a male role-model context. There were seasons when I would have given anything to sit down with a mentor or coach to get some insights into the issues I faced on a regular basis. We could all do with someone who has walked the road before us, and who is detached from the situation, to help us see the bigger picture. 


Being mentored can inspire, challenge and motivate you. It can also help you identify and neutralise the negative factors that cause pressure and fear. Imposter syndrome is an obstacle that many leaders face on a regular basis, without justification. Mentoring can help you see the truth about your own giftings and take away the constant second-guessing. 


Paying a mentor places a value on your leadership gifting in much the same way as paying gym membership places value on fitness. The worth of investing in the development of your leadership cannot be overestimated. When a leader has someone they can talk issues through with, it has the remarkable effect of increasing the ability to deal with those issues. And all this from the comfort of your own home via Zoom or Facetime. 


Working together with a mentor is one of the most effective methods available to address and deal with the challenging issues all leaders face. It was Jesus’ preferred method of developing leaders. 


Let’s work together to see what is possible. The awesome technology available to us means I am able to work with people from all across the world, mentoring and consulting with both senior and emerging leaders as well as leadership groups via the Huddle method. 


If you’re interested in chatting about the ways in which we could work together, I’d love to hear from you. Together we could make a huge difference in your further development as a leader.


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