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I’m a great fan of reinvention, specifically the reinvention of self. I have done it several times over my life. It’s a good way to live. Being a life-long-learner is vital to enable any leader to be on the front foot with what’s coming rather than spend time lamenting the good old days. A non-conformist since childhood, I am not bound by the status quo, preferring to look for what God is doing and join Him in that. 

My husband Rick and I pastored a church in a small town in NSW for 12 years before moving in 1996 to Britain where we led a church that morphed into a church planting network, now known as Skylark International. 


During my 17 years in UK, I co-led the network, which involved planting churches, ministries and projects. My particular focus was on mentoring senior and emerging leaders. I gained a Masters in Global Leadership from Fuller Theological Seminary, which informs my work with leaders of organisations and churches. Organisational health relies heavily on the leader’s health, so I focus on helping leaders develop their giftings while ensuring their emotional and spiritual health is maintained. 


I am fervent about seeing women thrive, resulting in the founding of Kyria, a network for Christian women leaders. Kyria is now in England, Scotland, and Australia and we are currently in talks with other church networks and nations about Kyria assisting the development of women leaders on their turf. 


My love for the written word, and my desire for Christian women to have intelligent and interesting reading, caused me to found Liberti, a UK faith-based magazine for 21st century women. 


I am the visionary for Cherish Uganda – a children’s village for HIV+ orphans encompassing a primary and high school for the children who live onsite, as well as kids from the surrounding area. Cherish has a clinic and a variety of free initiatives to assist the people in the region to thrive.


Now based in Australia, I speak at conferences and churches here, in United Kingdom and United States. Since the death of my husband of 46 years, I have increased my focus on writing non-fiction and fiction, blogging, as well as speaking and mentoring.


Four great kids, all married to fantastic partners, have blessed me with 12 grandchildren. My family is spread between Britain and Australia so I’m blessed that much of my work is in the UK.

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